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Achievements of the Association

During the period of activity of the Association of producers and processors of soya from 2004 to 2015 it is worth emphasizing those achievements that were successful for members of the association and the state of Ukraine in this period:

1. Ukrainian market of soya and soya products annually grows on 8-11% minimumwith turnover of more than 2 billion dollars.

2. For the period of activity of association were created production facilities for soybean processing. In particular, in 2015 soya was processed by 8 oil-extraction plants, and more than 80 oil-pressing enterprises with total capacity about 3.8 mln tons. 11 enterprises are in process of construction and reconstruction.

3. One of remarkable achievements is introduction of mandatory pre-inoculated seed, that contributed to a significant increase of soya yields. Thus, for example, in 2003 the yield was 12.2 c/ha, and from 2011 to 2015 averaged in the range of 20 kg / ha. Accordingly, gross harvest of soybeans increased from 232 th.tons in 2003 to 3.917.7 th.tons in 2015.

4. The Association effectively influenced the export and import operations. In particular, if in 2003 were sold abroad 42,4 th tons of soya into 11 world countries for $10 mln, to 2,2 mln tons for $806,8 mln in 37 world countries in 2015.

Thus, today Ukraine practically doesn’t import soya and products of its processing. Totally for the period since 2003 till 2015 soybean export increased in 52 times, soya oil – in 39, soybean meal – in 1568 times. As a result, Ukraine takes the first place in Europe and eights in the world on soya production.

5. The current rates of production, processing and export of soya demonstrate responsible and professional attitude in Ukraine to these issues, as evidenced by the development of the sector program "Production and efficient use of soya and processed products in Ukraine for 2015-2020 years". In base of program are the innovative approaches to increase the yield of seeds and transformation towards increasing of soya acreage as a way to strengthen the economy, increase productivity of livestock, fish farming through the use of soya in feed production.

6. A special factor is an extension of acreage and the development of effective technologies of organic soya production. Significant developments during the past three years have allowed Ukraine to take the leading position in the field of organic farming, and the Association of producers and processors of soya became a member of the international organization "Danube soy", that indicates international recognition and opens up additional prospects for improvement activities.

Association during its activity is one of the organizers and participants of industry and international exhibitions "Agro", "InterAGROkompleks", "Grain Technology", regularly organizes and carries out international conferences on cultivation and processing of soya, repeatedly awarded with diplomas of the Minister of Agriculture and Food by results of rankings among full range of business entities of Ukraine, according to the financial and economic indicators the Association has been awarded with the honorary title of "Best Enterprise of Ukraine 2015", president of Association Tymchenko Viktor Naumovych and Chief Executive Officer Maksak Oleh Ivanovych for comprehensive activity at work, professionalism and unrestrained pursuit of national development were awarded by certificates "Specialist of the Year", and vice president Pylypchenko Andriy Vasyliovych was awarded for outstanding achievements with Order of Merit "Glory of the Nation".

Association Awards

2004  Participant Diploma of the All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference of producers and processors of soybean products
 2004  Diploma for active participation in exhibitions AGRO-2004
 2006  Participant Diploma of III International AGROFORUM 2006
 2012  Honorary Diploma to the Team of Association of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine
 2012  Diploma for participation in the XXV International Agricultural Exhibition AGRO-2012
 2012  Certificate of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation
 2013  Diploma for participation in the Exhibition of Oil and Fat Industry
 2013  Honorary Diploma to the Team of Association of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine
 2014  Honorary Diploma to the Team of Association of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine
 2015  Certificate of membership in the Association “Danube Soya”
 2015  Expert opinion - Best Enterprise of Ukraine 2015
 2015  Diploma to the Team of Association of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine

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History of soya sowing in Ukraine
History of soya sowing in Ukraine
Establishment of Association
Establishment of Association
Association Activity
Association Activity
Achievements of the Association
Achievements of the Association